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October 26th, 2011

09:44 pm - Note for my followers; 'Cracks'
I cannot remember who it was on my friends list who once posted about 'Cracks' and made me sit up and notice it.


What a movie!

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August 15th, 2011

08:22 pm - In Her Shadow Chapter 1: Prologue, a woman in white fanfic - FanFiction.Net

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August 25th, 2010

04:02 pm - Progress!
So I decided to write a good old fashioned Livejournal entry because in truth, most of the friends I have on Facebook have not ever heard me talk about my fictional undertaking, In Her Shadow, like most people here. So the news is basically, that I am writing again for the first time in 10 months!

Much like where I found the motivation for the first part, I realized that the musical of The Woman in White leaves another gaping hole in terms of information and questions that might pop up upon further review. Much in the same fashion as I had questioned whether or not Marian at that time in her life could have performed a seduction successfully without knowing where she had acquired the knowledge and confidence (that is answered in Book One and thensome), only this time my question was not about Marian, but Anne.

What happened when she was 'just sixteen'?
Did she really attack her mother or was that all a lie?
In other words it got me thinking about how much of the Glyde we see in the musical can we believe? And if we can't, than what really happened?

So now I am on a springboard of creating an alternative past and 'incident' with Sir Percival of my own; using inspiration from nearly all the different versions I am working from (novel, musical, 1948 Adaptation a little, 97' miniseries) and smashing it all together. I don't want to say how Marian and Laura acquire this information yet, as that is one of the nods I make to one of the versions, but the second part will allow me for a time to actually write as Anne Catherick. I am psyched. I get to write about Jane Catherick, which is thrilling, so I am really psyched and starting to get my pace back now that I've made some decisions.

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February 11th, 2010

07:18 pm - Darn!
Okies, I think Facebook may have given my computer a Beta virus, it is malicious, and comes up in the form of a PC PROTECTOR, DO NOT PURCHASE THE FULL VERSION, it keeps trying to make you, but that is the actual virus itself.

My computer is out at Best Buy now and my dad won't let me check Facebook now on his laptop so I'll see you all at some point.

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September 27th, 2009

08:49 pm - The post where Melanie lets herself be a geek.
I am going over my beautiful Itunes library and seeing some great songs in this list I've lovingly entitled "IHSMix" and I want to share them to anyone who wants alternative music to Andrew Lloyd Webber's score of The Woman in White and which songs would totally work in that context!

(aka all songs I've listened to religiously whilst writing, and are partially responsible for my revision, character associations listed too!)

1. Death and All His Friends/The Escapist
Colplay: Viva La Vida

2. Yes
Coldplay: Viva La Vida

**Almost every track on Viva is hugely inspirational to IHS, so I'll just say that rather than end up writing the whole album!**

3. Walk On

4. Whatever it Takes
Sinaed Lohan

5. The Letter
Natalie Merchant

6. Say Goodbye
Fleetwood Mac

7. Psychobabble
Frou Frou

8. Dare You to Move

9. Stop and Stare
One Republic

10. The Chairman's Waltz
John Williams; Memoirs of a Geisha soundtrack
Whole of Book 2

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September 11th, 2009

You are looking at


The second cast will have 4-5 shows!




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July 25th, 2009

11:22 am - Teehee
I find that two of the most quintessentially English singers (Lesley Garrett and Maria Friedman) singing "A Boy Like That" complete with the Puerto Rican accent (Maria at least) to be more than unusually hilarious. And badass at the same time.

Oh yeah, and I'm home. Been home for a week, lots of hugs, talks, already started working, and today going to Mishnock for the weekend with my parents.

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July 16th, 2009

07:57 pm - Final West End Theatre Tally
Ta da! Ladies and gentleman I give you, ladylizaelliott's tally of West End shows of the last six weeks.

1. The King and I (4 times)
2. The Woman in Black
3. As You Like It
4. Phedre
5. Priscilla: Queen of the Desert
6. Forbidden Broadway
7. The Importance of Being Ernest
8. La Cage aux Folles
9. The Cherry Orchard
10. A Little Night Music

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July 8th, 2009

09:14 am - Forbidden Broadway (Menier Chocolate Factory)
I don't think I'll have time this morning or today to write out the hilarity that ensued last night at the Menier, all I have to say is that I did not stop laughing the whole show and I was maybe the only American who got all of the West End jokes and laughed at practically everything.

You name a current show, they made fun of it, and thensome. All I'll say about the loudest bit of laughing I did was that it involved Elaine Paige talking on her radio show, than handing it over to two 4 feet high wood flats painted to look like the bodies of MARIA AND DANIEL from KING AND I and the two actors with their faces through it shouting this to each other:

"You promised me a house, your majesty!"
"All women are bowls of rice!"
"I want my house!"

The two of them were way on the opposite sides of the theatre screaming this to each other, completely making fun of the Royal Albert Hall and its epic size. The next dig they made into the show was Elaine saying it was going to transfer to WEMBLEY STADIUM, and they brought out this replicate of the stage there with little wood figurines bobbing up and down on paddles to show how small and how far away and huge us the audience would be compared to the little show.

I WAS HOWLING. I can't begin to describe the other great parodies (Les Mis probably the most brilliant, all the actors constantly walking around in a circle like they were on the turntable!) They did EVERYTHING (even a little lyrical dig at Woman in White for the projected set)

Totally hysterical. And the perfect show for me to have seen since it was not really "Broadway" persay, all the jokes were West End Based which just made it ten times funnier to me.

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June 24th, 2009

12:35 pm - Costume Analysis; The Designer Emerges

ladylizaelliott as designer/costumer student throws in her two cents (more like 1 dollar)

The King and I: Royal Albert Hall June 2009
Starring; Maria Friedman, Daniel Dae Kim
Directed by: Jeremy Sams
Set/Costumes: Robert Jones

**Added note from the Sunday June 28th Final show**

Now in the case with most classic plays/musicals, it seems each show has had an iconic look or single designer whose work on the original production has made its impact into later revivals and incarnations (it can run the gamut from other major Bway/West End revivals, to regional and high school etc) The King and I does fall in this catagory of being one of the major musicals in the Rodgers and Hammerstein (and musical theatre ether) of having iconic costumes thanks to the beauty, simplicity and splendor of the original designs by Irene Sharaff in 1951. Sharaff was also hired to costume the Hollywood production in 1955-6, so her look between Gertrude Lawrence and Deborah Kerr's differed only in technical detail and not overall design presentation.

It's under a cut, yes, it's that long.Collapse )

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