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Forbidden Broadway (Menier Chocolate Factory)

I don't think I'll have time this morning or today to write out the hilarity that ensued last night at the Menier, all I have to say is that I did not stop laughing the whole show and I was maybe the only American who got all of the West End jokes and laughed at practically everything.

You name a current show, they made fun of it, and thensome. All I'll say about the loudest bit of laughing I did was that it involved Elaine Paige talking on her radio show, than handing it over to two 4 feet high wood flats painted to look like the bodies of MARIA AND DANIEL from KING AND I and the two actors with their faces through it shouting this to each other:

"You promised me a house, your majesty!"
"All women are bowls of rice!"
"I want my house!"

The two of them were way on the opposite sides of the theatre screaming this to each other, completely making fun of the Royal Albert Hall and its epic size. The next dig they made into the show was Elaine saying it was going to transfer to WEMBLEY STADIUM, and they brought out this replicate of the stage there with little wood figurines bobbing up and down on paddles to show how small and how far away and huge us the audience would be compared to the little show.

I WAS HOWLING. I can't begin to describe the other great parodies (Les Mis probably the most brilliant, all the actors constantly walking around in a circle like they were on the turntable!) They did EVERYTHING (even a little lyrical dig at Woman in White for the projected set)

Totally hysterical. And the perfect show for me to have seen since it was not really "Broadway" persay, all the jokes were West End Based which just made it ten times funnier to me.
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