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So I decided to write a good old fashioned Livejournal entry because in truth, most of the friends I have on Facebook have not ever heard me talk about my fictional undertaking, In Her Shadow, like most people here. So the news is basically, that I am writing again for the first time in 10 months!

Much like where I found the motivation for the first part, I realized that the musical of The Woman in White leaves another gaping hole in terms of information and questions that might pop up upon further review. Much in the same fashion as I had questioned whether or not Marian at that time in her life could have performed a seduction successfully without knowing where she had acquired the knowledge and confidence (that is answered in Book One and thensome), only this time my question was not about Marian, but Anne.

What happened when she was 'just sixteen'?
Did she really attack her mother or was that all a lie?
In other words it got me thinking about how much of the Glyde we see in the musical can we believe? And if we can't, than what really happened?

So now I am on a springboard of creating an alternative past and 'incident' with Sir Percival of my own; using inspiration from nearly all the different versions I am working from (novel, musical, 1948 Adaptation a little, 97' miniseries) and smashing it all together. I don't want to say how Marian and Laura acquire this information yet, as that is one of the nods I make to one of the versions, but the second part will allow me for a time to actually write as Anne Catherick. I am psyched. I get to write about Jane Catherick, which is thrilling, so I am really psyched and starting to get my pace back now that I've made some decisions.
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